Betting Systems: Use Em or Lose Em?

The rule about betting systems is simply this: Don’t trust them. Betting systems have been around for centuries and yet, there has never been one that works in the long run. Yes, there are betting systems that will help in terms of gaining in the short term. But if you use this system every time over many plays, you will always find that the odds of winning are exactly the same as flat betting and everything else. Meaning, you’ll always find out that the house edge remains and you’ve lost just slightly more than you’ve won.

This has been proven mathematically by any number of mathematicians and experts, sometimes using a computer simulation that plays through a billion hands/rounds of a given casino game. Some salesmen hawking their betting systems will try to tell you that it doesn’t matter what the computer results say since you aren’t ever going to play through a billion hands yourself. In essence, they imply that you may win more times than lose because you are playing fewer hands than the computer program. This is completely erroneous. If it really worked at 1,000 hands- it would continue to work up to a billion. Ask the programmers of Microgaming software and they’ll confirm it. The mathematics they use in designing these games requires the same kinds of algorithms and odds determination.

There are of course, many types of betting systems out there and betting systems are not the same as playing strategies. If a site promises you can learn blackjack strategy online, they might be telling the truth. When it comes to strictly-chance games like roulette and craps, however, there is no system that works over time. Some may have slightly better odds than others, but none of them work on more than a short-term (and lucky) basis. Now, we’ll admit that betting systems can be fun to try out. And certainly, the point of gambling online should be entertainment, not necessarily because you expect to get rich quick. In which case, feel free to try whatever system you like. Just be sure you’re doing it for fun and not because you believe the ridiculous claims.  When you run into someone that is trying to sell you a system they swear *really works* ask yourself, ’ why haven’t they simply used it to get rich themselves?’.

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