Poker Variations: Seven Card Stud, Omaha, Texas Holdem

You know, there are so many variations of poker that its kind of hard to keep up with them.  Bearing that in mind, it occurred to me that some of you guys might not be aware of all of the most popular games.  So, I figured it would be worth it to discuss them, at least a little bit.  There are some pretty helpful tutorials associated with a lot of them, and who knows, that could help you improve your game a pretty fair amount.

Texas Holdem

Right now, probably partly in thanks to the many televised poker shows and celebrity games, Texas Hold Em is one of the most well known poker variations.  That’s all well and good, its definitely a ton of fun to play once you learn the basics.  Fortunately, they are not hard to figure out at all.  This is actually a fairly easy game to learn.

There’s a reason this is probably the most popular variation of poker in the whole world. During the game, all of the players get two cards before the first voluntary round of betting. Eventually, five cards will be dealt, all of them face up. This is the flop, and all the players can use it. They use it to make up the best combination of five cards from their two cards and the five in the flop.

Omaha High

Omaha High not to be confused with Omaha High/Low is another popular variation of poker. Some people liken it to Texas Hold Em, although the similarities are strictly fundamental. Whereas novice players can often learn Texas Hold Em while playing, they are going to want to stay away from Omaha High until they have some more experience.

In this game, you are dealt four cards, which will be face down. This game features only blinds, so there are rarely antes. Discarding is not permitted in this game either.

The only real similarities which exist between Omaha High and Texas Hold Em are the community cards. The dealer deals the Flop, three cards, face up; the Turn, one card, face up; and the River, one card, face up. A betting session follows the dealing of each.

The main aim here, after all of the community cards are dealt, is to use two of your hole cards and three of the community cards, to create the best hand.

Seven Card Stud

So, we have covered Texas Hold Em and we have taken a look albeit a brief one at Omaha High. Now we are on to another popular variation of the wildly popular game of poker: it is called Seven Card Stud High.

Right from the get go, Seven Card Stud High is quite different from the other two variations we have already covered. Instead of using blinds, this game has actual antes, which every player in the game must put up right at the beginning.

After anteing up, you are first dealt three cards. Two of them will be face down, while the remaining card will be face up. The player with the lowest card is responsible for the bring in, with the other players then following in a clockwise order.

There is also a betting session after the first three cards have been dealt. After that, the players get a fourth card, also face up, after which comes another betting session. This round is known as Fourth Street; it is followed by the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh streets, during which you are dealt you fifth, sixth, and seventh cards, respectively, all followed by betting sessions. However, the seventh card is dealt face down. You then have to turn over all of your cards, going for the best five out of all seven.


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